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Main Menu

The Main Menu is the first screen you see when you log into Mark 4.

From here you are able to navigate to the different sections of the program.

The Main Menu is broken down into three sections.

- The left column contains links to the different tools on your website.
- The center column contains important information about your website
- The right column contains helpful links

Here is a brief description of the content of each column. For help with the individual links in that section, simply click on the desired link, and then click on the ‘Help For This Section’ link in the right hand column.

Left Column

This section has links to navigate back to the main menu, edit your home page, Information, About Us and manage the extra space on your website.

This section will allow you to create categories that will appear on every page of the website. Once a category has been created, you can then be able to add and edit new articles in those categories.

eStore Categories/Products
Just like the Categories/Articles section, this will allow you to add categories and new products to your eStore.

eStore Setting
Adjust the settings of your eStore such as payment methods, shipping cost, and much more.

This section allows you to edit the look of your website. From here, you can change the way your site appears on Mobile Phones, Smart Phones and Desktop Computers.

This section allows for editing of important setting such as Header Tags, contact information, QR Code, Social Networking and other General Settings.

Access Log
See who’s accessed your Mark 4 program and who has visited your site by using these helpful links.

This section has the Site Access which will display who accessed your website as well as the OS Access which will show you who logged into Mark 4 to edit your website.

Center Column

Welcome Message
The welcome message contains important information from Turbo Works. This message is subject to change so be sure to read this on a regular basis.

System Version
This section shows you the system version of Mark 4 that you are using. If you ever need to contact technical support, be sure to reference the system version you are using.

Pending Approval
For Writer level users, they will not be able to post their articles to the website without first receiving approval from a Staff or Master level user. When they create and save an article, it will appear in this section pending approval of publication.

Site Access
This section gives you a brief snapshot of the popularity of your website. Instantly see who’s visited your site today, yesterday, this month, last month, this year and even last year

Right Column

User Information
This section will show the User ID you signed in with as well as their access level. You can also add or edit users by clicking the ‘User Setting’ button or logging out by clicking the ‘Logout’ button

View Home Page
If you click on the ‘View Home’ button, you open a new window that links directly to your homepage. This is an extremely useful tool if you want to review how a recent change now looks on your website.

If you have a question about the page your currently viewing, simply click on the ‘Help For This Section’ button and a new window will open linking you to our online help page (This one!).

The Help page contains pictures, text and videos on how to use the different features on that page. If you still have questions regarding, feel free to send us an e-mail at the link provided at the bottom of the page and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

By clicking on the ‘Boot Uploader’ button, a pop up window will appear that allows you to upload files to later be embedded in an article.

For example, say you wanted to add a link to an application form for people to fill out, you could upload the file into the Uploader, and then copy and paste the HTML code to your article for an instant download. You may also use the link provided if you prefer to share it that way.

This section will display the most recently posted articles and the date that they were posted.

Newest Articles
This section will display the newest articles written on your website and the date they were posted.

Popular Articles
This section will display the most popular articles that have been posted on your website and how many people have viewed them.

Below is a video demonstration on how to use the Main Menu

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: contact@turbo-works.com

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